How the West Was Won

Soundtrack Factory 24/03/2017 CD (8436563180972)
Película Estreno de película: 1962


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# Pista   Duración
1.Overture: How The West Was Won/ I'M Bound For..5:51
2.Main Title3:11
3.This Is The West3:23
4.The Erie Canal0:32
5.Two Hearts On A Tree2:05
7.First Meeting2:27
8.First Kiss2:26
9.The Morning After0:28
10.River Pirates/Stalking And Killing9:19
11.Godspeed Eve/ The Rapids2:27
12.The Burial (Bereavement/ Rock Of Ages/ Fulfillment)4:43
13.Wagon Train Forward (Wagon Train/ War With Mexico/ Banks Of0:00
14.Sit Down Sister1:39
16.The Jump-Off Point0:25
17.Cleve Van Valen (Wagon Train/ Morgan, Lilith&Aggie/ Cleve&Th0:00
18.Poor Wayfarin' Stranger2:05
19.Raise A Ruckus Tonight1:46
20.Come Share My Life2:16
21.Cheyennes/ Indian Fight4:40
22.Careless Love0:36
23.Gold Claim1:39
24.What Was Your Name In The States?2:05
25.He'S Gone Away3:19
26.A Home In The Meadow1:56
27.Marriage Proposal1:46
# Pista   Duración
1.Entr'Acte (How The West Was Won/ A Home In The Meadow/ 9Hund0:00
2.Mr. Lincoln1:12
3.He'S Linus' Boy3:04
4.I'M Sad And I'M Lonely3:06
5.When Johnny Comes Marching Home0:56
6.Zeb'S Return4:06
7.The Pony Express1:56
8.A Railroader'S Bride I'Ll Be1:19
10.The Jugglers0:21
11.No Goodbye1:48
12.Zeb And Jethro3:05
13.Buffalo Stampede/ Aftermath1:42
14.Climb A Higher Hill4:21
15.The Van Valen Auction4:02
16.Gant (Desperado)1:58
17.No Goodbye #22:38
20.Finale Ultimo3:00
21.Exit Music2:57
22.Miss Bailey'S Ghost0:29
23.A Home In The Meadow3:03
24.When I Was Single0:44
26.Rock Of Ages1:31
27.The Erie Canal1:12
28.Wait For The Hoedown [Long]2:51
29.First Meeting #22:26
30.No Goodbye #31:52
31.A Home In The Meadow #22:37
32.How The West Was Won [Performed By Joe Pass]3:02
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