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Manhattan Research, Inc.

Basta Audio-Visuals 09/12/2005 Descarga
Basta Audio-Visuals 2009 CD (8712530907828)


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# Pista   Duración
1.Manhattan Research, Inc. (Copyright)0:11
2.Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (instrumental, take 4)1:14
3.Bendix 1: The Tomorrow People1:06
4.Lightworks (vocal)1:52
5.The Bass-Line Generator3:10
6.Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night (with announcer)1:44
7.B.C. 1675 (The Gillette Conga Drum Jingle)3:16
9.Auto-Lite: Sta-Ful (instrumental)0:47
10.Sprite: Melonball Bounce (instrumental)1:01
11.Sprite: Melonball Bounce (vocal)1:01
12.Wheels That Go0:53
13.Limbo: The Organized Mind4:33
14.Portofino 12:13
15.County Fair Bread (vocal)1:01
16.Lady Gaylord1:02
17.Good Air (take 7)0:38
18.IBM MT/ST: The Paperwork Explosion4:31
20.Super Cheer0:34
21.Cheer: Revision 3 (new backgrounds)0:39
22.Twilight In Turkey (electronic)1:34
23.Vicks: Medicated Cough Drops1:36
24.Vicks: Formula 440:46
25.Auto-Lite: Spark Plugs1:00
28.Backwards Overload6:06
29.Bufferin: Memories (original)1:01
30.Bandito The Bongo Artist1:30
31.Night And Day1:45
32.Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (#395)1:07
34.IBM Probe1:56
35.Gmgm 1a1:49
36.The Rhythm Modulator3:37
# Pista   Duración
1.Ohio Plus0:17
2.In The Hall Of The Mountain Queen0:49
3.General Motors: Futurama1:05
4.Portofino 22:14
5.The Wild Piece4:07
6.Take Me To Your Violin Teacher1:40
7.Ripples (original soundtrack)0:59
8.Cyclic Bit1:04
9.Ripples (montage)4:06
10.The Wing Thing1:00
11.County Fair Bread (instrumental)1:00
12.Cindy Electronium2:00
13.Don't Beat Your Wife Every Night! (instrumental parts)1:45
14.Hostess: Twinkies (with announcer)0:32
15.Hostess: Twinkies (instrumental)0:32
16.Ohio Bell: Thermo Fax0:24
17.The Pygmy Taxi Corporation7:11
18.Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (Announce Copy, Take 1)0:29
19.Baltimore Gas & Electric Co. (alternate version)0:44
20.Lightworks (slow version)1:40
21.The Paperwork Explosion (instrumental parts)3:39
22.Auto-Lite: Ford Family (vocal)1:03
23.Auto-Lite: Ford Family (instrumental)0:54
24.Auto-Lite: Wheels1:50
25.Bufferin: Memories (demo)0:44
26.Space Mystery (montage)5:11
27.The Toy Trumpet (electronic)2:16
28.Backward Beeps1:05
29.Auto-Lite: Sta-Ful1:36
30.Lightworks (instrumental)1:29
31.When Will It End?3:15
32.Bendix 2: The Tomorrow People1:03
33.Electronic Audio Logos, Inc.5:23
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