Bonnie & Clyde
(26 tracks)

Madison Gate Records 14/11/2016 Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Bonnie & Clyde Main Titles2:08
2.Chicken Thieves / I Was Born / Bonnie's Theme3:29
3.First Robbery1:49
4.Welcome to the Speakeasy0:59
5.Speakeasy Raid / Prison Escape / Lovemaking / Love at First Sight3:14
6.The Drive Home1:01
7.Hamer's Theme0:36
8.Bonnie Walks Home1:15
9.Clyde Dreams of Happiness2:11
10.Playing for You1:02
11.I'm Bonnie Parker / Escape / Bonnie's Sacrifice3:30
12.Bonnie's Scrapbook / Goodbye Momma / Fate Theme2:03
13.First Dance0:46
14.The Headlines / Robbery Gone Wrong2:55
15.Night Two Main Titles / Bonnie Strays2:58
16.Seneca Square Dance2:27
17.Bank Job1:31
18.Buck and Blanche Join in Car / Robbery and Ballet2:20
19.Don't Mess with Bonnie and Clyde / Bonnie's Theme Piano2:22
20.One Kiss1:29
21.The Story of Bonnie and Clyde / Mom Won't Answer3:14
22.Forest Shootout / Buck Shot / Morning After3:27
23.Buck Is Abandoned1:09
24.A Banking Opportunity0:27
25.Love Has Its Consequences1:42
26.Like a Rubber Ball / Prelude to Hell Unleashed / Aftermath / The Graves5:35
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