The Golden Age of British Film Music

Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 1970 | Medio: Vinyl


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# Pista   Duración
1.Vice Versa (Anthony Hopkins)2:30
2.The History of Mr. Polly (William Alwyn)1:50
3.Eureka Stockade (John Greenwood)3:00
4.Floodtide (Robert Irving)2:25
5.Adam and Evelyne (Mischa Spoliansky)2:40
6.Christopher Columbus (Sir Arthur Bliss)1:55
7.Whisky Galore (Ernest Irving)1:40
8.The Rocking Horse Winner (William Alwyn)1:50
9.Bitter Springs (Ernest Irving)1:30
10.They were not Divided (Lambert Williamson)2:25
11.So Long at the Fair (Benjamin Frankel)1:50
12.The Man in the White Suit (Benjamin Frankel)2:05
13.Pool of London (John Addison)2:08
14.The Card (William Alwyn)1:05
15.The Titfield Thunderbolt (Georges Auric)2:35
16.The Little Kidnappers (Bruce Montgommery)3:10
17.Up to His Neck (Benjamin Frankel)1:45
18.Tough and Go (John Addison)3:05
19.A Tale of Two Cities (Richard Addinsell)2:40
20.The Thirty-Nine Steps (Clifton Parker)2:25
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