Moby Dick

Alhambra (7619927290031)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 18/11/2011 | Medio: CD, Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Opening – "Call Me Ishmael"3:48
2.Eyes by Which I Steer My Course1:37
3.Elijah's Prophecy2:09
4.Until Tomorrow Gentlemen3:50
5.The Pequod Sets Sail3:10
6.Drink to the White Whale2:26
7.Ishmael & Queequeg Look for Whales1:37
8.On the Windward Side – There She Blows!4:20
9.Ahab Listens to Moby Through the Hull1:39
10.Lower Away the Boats!3:46
11.Chasing Whales2:38
12.Ishmael's First Whale1:58
13.Moby Dick Attacks4:42
14.Ishmael Rows Off In Search of Pip2:46
15.Starbuck Prays0:58
16.Cram on All You Can1:13
17.Michigan's Madness2:03
18.Stubb Threatens Michigan1:01
19.Queequeg Is Dying2:04
20.The Captain from the Rachel1:50
21.Ahab Tells Starbuck the Sea Is His Home1:02
22.Forging Harpoons2:43
23.The Captain Is Taking Us to the Bottom of the Sea4:10
24.Ahab Harpoons Moby Dick5:31
25.Moby Dick Takes Ahab Down – The End4:47
26."Lowlands" (A Theme from Moby Dick)3:51
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