The Three Musketeers

Milan Records (3299039937624)
Milan Records (731383655326)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 18/10/2011 | Estreno de película: 2011 | Medio: CD, Descarga


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Only Four Men2:12
2.Special Delivery For The King2:26
3.Buckingham's Departure1:19
4.All For One1:47
5.Do You Know Who I Am?2:02
6.As Far Away As Possible1:38
7.The King And Queen1:39
8.Announcing Lady De Winter0:49
9.Concealed Weapons Tango1:00
10.Get Me One Of Those!2:31
11.The Venice Heist5:13
12.She Died The Way She Lived1:43
13.I Hate Air Travel0:58
14.Rochefort Ante Portas1:13
15.Open Fire!2:35
16.A Chance To Escape1:05
17.Round Two1:44
18.If You Insist!1:47
19.You Should Have Apologized To My Horse!1:47
20.Boys Will Be Boys1:39
21.The World Calls To The Young2:29
22.To France, Of Course1:06
23.When We Were YoungTake That4:28
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