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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Complete Recordings

Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2009 | Estreno de película: 2009 | Medio: Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Opening/Death Eater Attack2:55
2.Insert Tube Duet1:00
3.The Story Begins1:42
4.Budleigh Babberton1:32
6.Bye Bye, Horace2:33
8.The Unbreakable Vow4:11
9.Wizard Wheezes1:44
10.Borgin and Burkes2:21
11.Hogwarts Express1:04
12.The Train Again1:46
13.Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder1:06
14.Luna Finds Harry0:36
15.In The Castle1:23
16.Dumbledore's Speech1:40
19.Living Death2:00
21.Young Tom Riddle3:00
23.Vanishing Cabinet1:11
24.Of Love and War1:36
25.The Half-Blood Prince1:44
26.The Three Broomsticks0:31
27.Katie Bell1:03
28.Opal Necklace1:40
29.Slug Club1:55
30.After the Party1:14
31.Ron's Victory1:23
32.Harry and Hermione3:13
33.Malfoy's Second Attempt1:10
34.The Slug Party2:14
35.I Was Chosen1:00
36.On the Train0:32
37.At the Burrow2:33
38.Attack at the Burrow1:22
39.Burning of the Burrow1:00
40.Broken Memory2:27
41.No Choice1:21
42.Grilling Slughorn0:45
43.Moonlit Night2:09
44.Ron Poisoned0:56
45.Hospital Wing0:49
46.Malfoy's Mission1:51
47.To The Bathroom0:51
48.Sectumsempra (Unused)0:31
49.Healing Malfoy (Unused)1:31
50.When Ginny Kissed Harry2:41
51.Felix Felicis0:31
52.Farewell Aragog1:07
53.Slughorn's Confession3:30
54.Unbroken Memory2:29
56.Journey to the Cave3:18
57.The Boat2:35
58.Emerald Potion2:55
60.Death Eaters Arrive1:44
61.The Killing of Dumbledore (Part 1)1:14
62.The Killing of Dumbledore (Part 2)2:22
63.Dumbledore's Fall1:35
64.Dumbledore's Fall (Alternate)1:32
65.Flight of the Prince1:06
66.Dumbledore's Farewell2:23
68.In Noctem2:01
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)

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