The Cape

La-La Land Records (0826924118627)
Serie de TV/Telefilme | Fecha de estreno: 27/09/2011 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 2000 copias


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# Pista   Duración
1.Main Title0:49
2.A New Day Ahead3:02
3.The Death of Vince Faraday4:18
4.The Carnival of Crime4:10
5.The Greatest Circus Act That Ever Lived6:32
6.The Faraday Family2:00
7.Confronting Chess6:16
8.Gregor Molotov2:59
9.Asylum Fight1:00
10.Orwell's Dream2:16
11.Waltz for Raia1:59
12.Rube Goldberg Death Machine3:19
13.Scales in the Cage1:53
16.Unnatural Things7:04
17.Young Tracy2:59
18.Kitchen Battle4:46
19.Casino Attack2:27
20.Justice Takes3:42
21.The Lich from3:30
22.The Telepath Strikes4:13
23.Gregor the Great's Carnival of Fear5:56
# Pista   Duración
1.Let's Just Pretend - Young Beautiful in a Hurry4:25
2.Sewing the Mask4:39
3.Runaway Train3:15
4.Ghosts of Palm City5:44
5.Highwire Training2:59
6.Faradays are Fighters3:40
7.Concerto for Tuba and Goggles3:15
8.Attack of the Bumblebee2:15
9.Opposite Sides3:00
10.Two Weddings4:12
11.Brazil Nuts4:47
13.Orwell's Recovery1:48
14.Scales Goes Rogues4:55
15.Rescuing Orwell3:21
16.The Cape Keeps Watch0:48
18.Outsmarting the Assassins1:34
19.Trolley Park Amusements2:27
20.Palm Reading2:27
21.Portrait in Courage1:53
22.The Dead Will Rise6:21
23.Out the Window2:36
24.No Journey Too Far2:05
25.ARK Corporation Theme Song1:07
26.Homeless Blues1:11
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Presenting the original soundtrack to the NBC Universal superhero television series THE CAPE, starring David Lyons, Keith David and Summer Glau. Acclaimed composer Bear McCreary (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, HUMAN TARGET, THE WALKING DEAD, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES) creates a robust, thrilling orchestral score in the grand tradition of the late, great Shirley Walker’s superhero music (McCreary has sited Walker as a major influence on this score and has dedicated this album to her). Produced by Bear McCreary and mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, this 2-CD release, packed with exciting themes, also features a 16 page CD booklet with comments from McCreary and the show’s creator, Tom Wheeler. This is a limited edition of 2000 units.

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