Byron Ballad for a Daemon / Young Aphrodites / Vortex The face of Medusa

Morphi (5201364701458)
Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 1994 | Medio: CD


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# Pista   Duración
Byron Ballad for a Deamon
1.Emphasis I Ode to George Gordon Byron3:45
2.August Theme - Variations I2:23
3.August Theme - Variations II2:05
4.August Theme - Variations III0:58
5.August Theme - Variations IV0:53
6.Oi Oi mana mou with Nitsa Tsira1:09
8.Emphasis II Ode to Byron2:29
9.August Theme Melancholy variation V2:23
10.Musical Bridge in monologue2:00
11.Musical bridge in dialogue2:04
12.In the barricades of Messolonghi3:10
13.The instruments in 7/81:55
14.August Theme Romance variation VI1:05
15.Emphasis III Ode to Byron3:45
Young Aphrodites
16.Prologue with Zither1:20
17.Titles - Gieve me a Star (Song by Ketti Karekla)3:53
18.Vespers Hymn2:24
19.Congregation with bag-pipe and drum1:05
20.Skymnos and Chloe1:54
22.Shepherds - Nightly1:31
23.Young Aphrodites - Myth1:31
24.Disguise and Acquintance2:44
25.Elevations and Epilogue with Zither1:50
Vortex The Face of Medusa
26.Exercise on Theme One1:20
27.The Waltz of Medusa2:20
28.Midday Love1:11
29.Intensity with Lyre and Zither2:41
30.Exercise on Theme One - Variations2:27
31.Inclination on Astartis1:21
32.The Waltz of Medusa - Variations and Ending1:45
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