Six Classic Funk Soundtracks

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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
Shaft by Isaac Hayes (1971)
1.Theme From ShaftIsaac Hayes4:39
2.Bumpy's Lament1:52
3.Walk From Regio's2:23
4.Ellie's Love Theme3:17
5.Shaft's Cab Ride1:09
6.Cafe Regio6:00
7.Early Sunday Morning3:50
8.Be Yourself4:30
9.A Friend's Place3:23
10.SoulsvilleIsaac Hayes3:49
11.No Name Bar6:11
12.Bumpy's Blues4:04
13.Shaft Strikes Again3:04
14.Do Your ThingIsaac Hayes19:31
15.The End Theme1:56
# Pista   Duración
Coffy by Roy Ayers (1973)
1.Coffy Is The Color3:03
2.Pricilla's Theme3:57
3.King George2:59
5.Coffy Sauna2:15
6.King's Last Ride1:09
7.Coffy Baby2:27
8.Brawling Broads2:44
10.Shining Symbol3:53
11.Exotic Dance3:17
12.Making Love2:49
13.Vittroni's Theme2:02
14.End Of Sugarman1:06
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
Shaft In Africa by Johnny Pate (1973)
1.You Can't Even Walk In The Park2:33
2.Are You Man Enough ?Four Tops2:12
3.Aleme Finds Shaft1:34
4.Shaft In Africa (Addis)3:04
6.El Jardia3:03
7.Are You Man Enough ?Four Tops3:22
8.Jazar's Theme1:35
9.Truck Stop2:17
10.Aleme's Theme2:19
11.El Jardia (Reprise)1:43
12.Are You Man Enough ? (End Title)Four Tops0:46
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
Black Caesar by James Brown (1973)
1.Down And Out In New York City4:47
2.Blind Man Can See It2:21
3.Sportin' Life3:52
4.Dirty Harri1:31
5.The Boss3:17
6.Make It Good To Yourself3:22
7.Mama FeelgoodLyn Collins and The J.B.'s3:32
8.Mama's Dead4:49
9.White Lightning (I Mean Moonshine)2:42
11.Like It Is, Iike It Was3:52
# Pista   Duración
Trouble Man by Marvin Gaye (1972)
1.Main Theme From Trouble Man - Part.22:32
2.T Plays It Cool4:26
3.Poor Abbey Walsh4:13
4.The Break In (Police Shoot Big)1:57
5.Cleo's Apartment2:10
6.Trouble Man3:49
7.Theme From Trouble Man2:01
8.T Stands For Trouble (Instrumental)4:50
9.Main Theme From Trouble Man - Part.13:53
10.Life Is A Gamble2:32
11.Deep In It1:24
12.Don't Mess With Mister T3:04
13.There Goes Mister T1:37
# Pista   Duración
Up Tight by Booker T. Jones (1968)
1.Johnny I Love You3:05
2.Cleveland Now3:12
3.Children, Don't Get Weary3:37
4.Tank's Lament2:53
5.Blues In The Gutter3:29
6.We've Got Johnny Wells3:47
7.Down At Ralph's Joint3:54
8.Deadwood Dick4:33
9.Run Tank Run2:39
10.Time Is Tight4:56
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