These Amazing Shadows

Documental | Fecha de estreno: 10/05/2011 | Medio: Descarga, CD


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# Pista   Duración
1.Main Titles2:05
2.Protecting Our Films1:45
3.Creating the National Film Registry0:52
4.Preserving Our Cultural Heritage1:39
5.Into West Side Story0:33
6.To Kill a Mockingbird Montage1:36
7.These Amazing Shadows2:05
8.The Land Of Nitrate0:41
9.Dorothy Opens the Door to Oz0:41
10.2001 And Beyond0:53
11.With Every Laugh, A Tear1:09
12.Japanese Internment during WWII2:59
13.The Kennedy Assassination0:51
14.Gender Bias0:34
15.Vision of Women Directors1:13
16.Back to The Future Montage0:59
17.Harlan County Montage2:31
18.Race and Politics0:41
19.The Danger of Cinema0:44
21.Race Issues0:54
22.The Effect Of War0:56
23.Final Montage: The Power Of Movies4:09
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