Soundtrack de videojuego | Fecha de estreno: 14/04/2011 | Medio: Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Bulletstorm Theme2:34
2.Quite Being Cute2:12
3.A Moment of Luck In The Sea of Misfortune2:22
4.The Mistaken Signals1:31
5.The Storm2:32
6.Hostiles on Our Tail2:11
7.Trishka Falls2:20
8.The Brakes Are Out2:43
10.A Way Through2:28
11.No Sudden Movement2:07
12.Far Side of The Cavern2:02
13.Skull Hunting Party2:58
14.A Giant Cloud of Impending Doom1:15
15.Gotta Be An Out1:27
16.My Cyborg Components2:11
17.Bound To End2:26
18.Rumors Were True1:07
19.Soaking The Ambiance2:37
22.This One Last Time4:54
23.Too Many To Kill Them All3:03
24.Fueled Up & Leaving Stygia2:38
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