The Lincoln Lawyer

Lakeshore Records (0780163421026)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 15/03/2011 | Estreno de película: 2011 | Medio: CD, Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.How's It Hangin' Counselor?2:24
2.Looks A Little Short To Me2:08
3.How Does Reggie Tell It?4:48
4.We Did A Couple Things Right2:03
5.You're Right, I Killed Her3:10
6.I Can Kick Your Ass0:53
7.You Lied Val1:00
8.Did I Get Frank Killed?2:16
9.I'm A Missionary Man2:37
10.About Those Thousand Razors2:40
12.You've Got Someplace To Be1:12
13.I Got This1:03
14.Directed Verdict1:57
15.Whose Side Are You On?1:56
16.Shoot Me Right Now2:20
17.Track Him3:04
18.911, What's Your Emergency?2:20
19.Repeat Customers2:14
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