The Kremlin Letter

Película | Fecha de estreno: 21/02/2011 | Estreno de película: 1970 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 1000 copias


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# Pista   Duración
The Album
1.Accordion Prelude0:33
2.Main Title2:54
3.Cell Aberration0:46
4.Mexican Scuffle2:23
5.Samba Con Pollo1:42
6.San Francisco Cabaret1:19
7.The Puppet Mill/Love Like1:43
8.A Delicate Position0:58
9.The Village Scene0:39
10.Snow Storm In Siberia/Tumble Down Lorry2:02
11.Moscow Nights (Balalaika/Accordion)2:44
12.Mince Meet0:50
13.Cat On A White Roof1:20
14.The File On Rone1:51
15.7M2 [Not In Finished Film]0:23
16.7M4 [Not In Finished Film]1:24
17.Erika Leaves The Dinner1:36
18.Games Erika Plays1:07
19.Love's Labours Lost/The Unraveling1:53
20.Too Late, The Hero2:11
21.Goodbye, Kitai, Goodbye/Erika's Disenchantment/Erika's Eroica3:07
22.Giselle Bridge/The Not So Tender Trap2:11
23.Acid To Acid0:43
24.My Love, The Prisoner0:40
25.The Kremlin Players [End Credits]1:26
The Extras (Recorded at the Scoring Sessions)
26.Nearer My God To Thee [Organ]1:01
27.Love Is a Many Splendored Thing [Piano][Music by Alfred Newman/Lyrics by Paul Francis Webster]0:36
28.Giselle – Ballet [Excerpt No. 1][Adolphe Adam]0:42
29.Giselle – Ballet [Excerpt No. 2][Adolphe Adam]0:37
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