The Cult Files: Re-Opened

Silva Screen Records (0738572108526)
Silva Screen Records (5014929019123)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 01/12/1997 | Medio: CD


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# Pista   Duración
Fantasy TV Themes
1.Xena: The Warrior Princess - Overture4:24
2.Battlestar Galactica - Theme1:41
3.The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - Journey of the Sorcerer4:26
4.Space: Above & Beyond - Theme4:03
5.The Twilight Zone - Themes2:48
6.The Outer Limits - Theme3:31
The World of Gerry Anderson
7.Thunderbirds - march3:38
8.Fireball XL-5 - Zero G2:20
9.Fireball XL-5 - ''Fireball''2:24
10.Stingray - ''Stingray'' Vocal Version1:52
11.Stingray - ''March of the Oysters''2:59
12.Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons - Theme / ''The Mysterons''5:07
13.JOE 90 - Theme1:51
14.JOE 90 - Hi-Jacked / Theme (reprise)3:31
15.UFO - Theme2:53
16.Space 1999 - 1st Series Theme3:10
17.Space 1999 - 2nd Series Theme2:03
18.Batman - TV Theme1:49
The World of Irwin Allen
19.The Time Tunnel2:20
20.Lost in Space - Series 1 and 3 themes3:19
21.Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - The Seaview Theme2:03
22.Land of the Giants - Suite5:26
23.Hercules - Suite4:47
Bonus Track
24.Stingray - Orchestral version1:56
# Pista   Duración
American TV Cops & private Eyes
1.Police Squad - Theme1:56
American TV Cops & Private Eyes
2.Burke's Law - Theme2:31
3.The Fugative - Suite4:50
4.KOJAK - 2nd Theme2:49
5.Miami Vice - Crockett's Theme3:28
6.The Streets of San francisco - Theme2:59
7.Beauty and the Beast (TV Series) - Theme3:01
Cult Films
8.Superman - Main Theme4:11
Tim Burton / Danny Elfman Films
9.Edward Scissorhands - Main Title / Ice Dance5:31
10.Beetlejuice - Theme2:07
11.Young Frankenstein - Transylvanian Lullaby4:09
12.Midnight Express - The Chase6:28
13.Suspiria - Theme6:04
14.Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence - Theme4:43
15.Withnail & I - Withnail's Theme2:41
16.A Clockwork Organge - March5:37
TV Comedy
17.The Wild Wild West4:46
18.The Addams Family2:22
19.M*A*S*H - Suicide is Painless3:05
20.Monty Phython's Flying Circus - The Liberty Bell2:13
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