The James Bond Collection

Silva Screen Records (0738572080822)
Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2002 | Medio: CD, Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Dr. No - The James Bond Theme (Original Version)1:57
2.Dr. No - Suite5:22
3.From Russia With Love - From Russia With Love (Film Version)2:17
4.From Russia With Love - The Zagreb Express2:28
5.From Russia With Love - The Golden Horn2:08
6.From Russia With Love - Girl Trouble2:09
7.From Russia With Love - 007 Takes The Lektor3:08
8.From Russia With Love - From Russia With Love (Symphonic Version)2:52
9.Goldfinger - Into Miami/Alpine Drive2:50
10.Goldfinger - Dawn Raid At Fort Knox5:30
11.Goldfinger - Goldfinger2:31
12.Thunderball - Thunderball2:16
13.Thunderball - The Bomb/Café Martinique3:08
14.Thunderball - Fight On The Disco Volante/Death Of Largo6:29
# Pista   Duración
1.You Only Live Twice - Bond's Funeral/Mountains And Sunsets5:20
2.You Only Live Twice - The Wedding/Capsule In Space4:47
3.You Only Live Twice - You Only Live Twice2:55
4.On Her Majesty's Secret Service - This Never Happened To The Other Fella'4:20
5.On Her Majesty's Secret Service - We Have All Time In The World3:30
6.On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Bond Meets The Girls4:51
7.On Her Majesty's Secret Service - The Ski Chase4:20
8.Diamonds Are Forever - Mr. Wint And Mr. Kidd4:51
9.Diamonds Are Forever - Circus, Circus2:33
10.Diamonds Are Forever - Blofeld's Laser4:52
11.Diamonds Are Forever - Diamonds Are Forever3:05
12.Live And Let Die – Live And Let Die2:59
# Pista   Duración
1.The Man With The Golden Gun - The Man With The Golden Gun3:38
2.The Man With The Golden Gun - Kung Fu Fight / Let's Go Get 'em3:52
3.The Man With The Golden Gun - Chew Me In Grisly / Return To Scaramanga's Fun House4:37
4.The Man With The Golden Gun - Slow Boat From China / Nick Nack2:59
5.The Spy Who Loved Me - Nobody Does It Better3:47
6.The Spy Who Loved Me - The Tanker3:20
7.The Spy Who Loved Me - Ride To Atlantis4:10
8.Moonraker - Arrival At Chateau Drax/Freefall2:04
9.Moonraker - Miss Goodhead Meets Bond3:23
10.Moonraker - Flight Into Space6:05
11.Moonraker - Moonraker3:33
12.For Your Eyes Only – For Your Eyes Only3:07
13.Octopussy - Suite – Bond Meets Octopussy / The Palace Fight7:20
14.Octopussy - All Time High4:03
# Pista   Duración
1.A View To A Kill – Wine With Stacy/Fanfare/Snow Job4:46
2.The Living Daylights - Korshov Escapes/Hercules Take Off2:49
3.The Living Daylights - Mujahadin / Afghanistan Plan4:12
4.The Living Daylights - Air Bond/Necros Attack3:27
5.The Living Daylights - End Title (Alternative Version)3:03
6.Licence To Kill – Suite4:59
7.Goldeneye - Goldeneye4:06
8.Goldeneye - Tank Drive Around St. Petersburg5:53
9.Tomorrow Never Dies - Tomorrow Never Dies4:46
10.Tomorrow Never Dies - Surrender3:40
11.The World Is Not Enough - Ice Bandits3:41
12.The World Is Not Enough - Access Denied1:35
13.The World Is Not Enough - The World Is Not Enough3:53
14.The James Bond Theme (Symphonic Version)3:04
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