Doctor Who: Series 5

Silva Screen Records (0738572134525)
Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2010 | Medio: CD, Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1. Doctor Who XI1:05
The Eleventh Hour
2.Down to Earth1:06
3.Little Amy1:45
4.Fish Custard2:01
5.Can I Come With You?1:39
6.Little Amy: The Apple1:12
7.The Sun's Gone Wibbly2:25
9.I Am The Doctor4:04
10.The Mad Man with a Box2:11
11.Amy in the TARDIS4:21
The Beast Below
12.The Beast Below1:49
13.Amy's Theme2:07
14.A Lonely Decision3:25
Victory Of The Daleks
15.A Tyrannical Menace2:03
16.Victory of the Daleks1:14
17.Battle in the Sky3:25
The Time of Angels/Flesh and stone
18.River's Path1:17
19.The Time of Angels3:59
The Vampires of Venice
20.I Offer You My Daughter1:37
21.Chicken Casanova1:24
22.Signora Rosanna Calvierri4:26
23.Cab for Amy Pond2:09
24.The Vampires of Venice4:51
Amy's Choice
25.Wedded Bliss1:07
26.This is the Dream2:56
The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood
27.Rio de Cwmtaff4:03
28.The Silurians2:03
# Pista   Duración
CD 2 -Vincent and The Doctor
3.Hidden Treasures1:01
4.A Troubled Man2:30
5.With Love, Vincent3:27
The Lodger
6.Adrift in the TARDIS0:46
7.Friends and Neighbours1:17
8.Doctor Gastronomy1:08
9.You Must Like It Here0:53
10.A Useful Striker1:34
11.A Painful Exchange1:11
12.Kiss the Girl5:14
13.Thank You Craig0:46
The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang
14.River Runs Through It1:28
15.Away on Horseback1:26
16.Beneath Stonehenge3:45
17.Who Else is Coming1:53
18.Amy and Rory0:46
19.The Pandorica2:00
20.Words Win Wars1:49
21.The Life and Death of Amy Pond3:12
22.Amy's Starless Life1:42
23.Into the Museum1:17
24.This is Where It Gets Complicated1:08
25.Roman Paradox1:22
26.The Patient Centurion2:49
27.The Same Sonic0:55
28.Honey I'm Home2:13
29.The Perfect Prison2:41
30.A River of Tears1:01
31.The Sad Man with a Box3:18
32.You and Me, Amy2:27
33.The Big Day2:21
34.I Remember You1:53
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