Noel Coward Sings Sail Away & Other Coward Rarities

Musical | Fecha de estreno: 17/07/2001 | Medio: CD


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.There Have Been Songs In England3:28
2.Pacific 1860: Uncle Harry3:16
3.Sigh No More: I wonder what happened to him3:31
4.Later Than Spring: I Wanted to Show You Paris2:46
5.Later Than Spring: Family Dirge2:31
6.Later Than Spring: Now I'm a Widow1:13
7.Later Than Spring: Home3:20
8.Later Than Spring: I Wanted to Show You Paris (Reprise)1:19
9.Sail Away: Come to Me3:13
10.I Am No Good at Love6:
11.Sail Away2:04
12.Sail Away: Where Shall I Find Him?3:37
13.Sail Away: Beatnik Love Affair2:43
14.Sail Away: Later Than Spring2:35
15.Sail Away: The Passenger's Always Right2:35
16.Sail Away: Useless, Useful Phrases2:32
17.Pacific 1860: This is a Night for Lovers3:01
18.Sail Away: The Customer's Always Right2:19
19.Sail Away: Something Very Strange2:25
20.Sail Away: The Little Ones' ABC2:40
21.Sail Away: When You Want Me2:48
22.Sail Away: Why Do the Wrong People Travel3:47
23.Pacific 1860: This is a Changing World3:33
24.Sail Away: Bronxville Darby and Joan2:05
25.Pacific 1860: This is a Night for Lovers1:54
26.Sail Away: Bronxville Darby and Joan3:21
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