Sleeping Beauty
The Legacy Collection

Película Musical | Fecha de estreno: 07/10/2014 | Medio: CD, Descarga


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Main Title/Once Upon a Dream/Prologue2:57
2.Hail to the Princess Aurora1:57
3.The Gifts of Beauty and Song/Maleficent Appears/True Love Conquers All5:38
4.The Burning of the Spinning Wheels/The Fairies Plan4:32
5.Maleficent's Frustration2:08
6.A Cottage in the Woods3:27
7.Do You Hear That?/I WonderMary Costa3:57
8.An Unusual Prince/Once Upon a DreamMary Costa & Bill Shirley3:29
9.Magical House Cleaning/Blue or Pink2:47
10.A Secret Revealed1:57
11.Skumps (Drinking Song)/The Royal ArgumenBill Thompson & Taylor Holmes4:09
12.Prince Phillip Arrives/How to Tell Stefan2:26
13.Aurora's Return/Maleficent's Evil Spell5:06
14.Poor Aurora/Sleeping Beauty2:57
15.Forbidden Mountain2:51
16.A Fairy Tale Come True2:48
17.Battle with the Forces of Evil5:11
# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
The Lost Chords of Sleeping Beauty
1.It Happens I Have a Picture DemoHans Conried & Bill Thompson2:20
2.It Happens I Have a PictureRandy Crenshaw & Dennis Kyle2:26
3.Riddle, Diddle, One, Two, Three (Demo)Verna Felton, Barbara Jo Allen & Coleen Collins2:14
4.Riddle, Diddle, One, Two, ThreeCindy Robinson & Linda Kerns3:29
5.Evil - Evil (Demo)Hans Conried & Bill Thompson2:35
6.Evil - EvilRandy Crenshaw, Jeff Gunn & Dennis Kyle4:31
Bonus Tracks
7.Sleeping Beauty OvertureTutti Camarata Orchestra2:56
8.Blue Bird/I Wonder (Album Version)Mary Costa2:43
9.Woodland Symphony/Once Upon a Dream (Album Version)Mary Costa & Bill Lee3:35
10.Love Theme from Sleeping BeautyTutti Camarata Orchestra3:25
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Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: Sleeping Beauty is a musical experience like no other. This beautiful 2 disc set features the enchanting songs and score from the film, studio recordings of Princess Aurora's songs performed by Mary Costa, and never before released demos and tracks. Plus, this piece includes new original artwork as illustrated by Lorelay Bove. Walt Disney Records The Legacy Collection: Sleeping Beauty is a musical piece of art that every music collector should own and enjoy.

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