Planes : Fire & Rescue

Walt Disney Records 15/07/2014 CD (050087296018)
Película Estreno de película: 2014


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Still I FlySpencer Lee3:57
2.Runway RomanceBrad Paisley2:44
3.All InBrad Paisley3:45
4.Planes: Fire & Rescue . Main Title2:26
6.Out of Production1:09
7.Dusty Crash Lands0:57
9.An All New Mayday1:04
10.Sad Mayday2:00
12.A Special Kind of Plane0:25
13.Training Dusty2:20
14.We Got the Gear Box0:37
16.Blazin’ Blade Mystery0:22
17.Mystery of Blaze-Lightning1:22
18.Lightning Storm Fire1:46
19.(It’s) Hip To Be Cad2:28
20.Harvey & Winnie0:40
22.Nobody Has Your Gear Box0:55
23.Fire By The Lodge3:39
24.Behind Enemy Lines2:24
26.Blade Is Down1:04
27.Loopin’ Lopez1:14
28.Tourist Trapped2:28
29.Fire Heroes2:18
30.Rescue Harvey & Winnie2:09
31.Dusty Saves The Day0:53
32.Saving Dusty1:07
33.You Had Us Worried3:12
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