Dragon Seed

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Película | Fecha de estreno: 29/07/2010 | Estreno de película: 1944 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 1000 copias


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# Pista   Duración
Disc One
1.Opening Title/This Is the Valley of Ling4:42
2.The Youngest Son1:32
3.To Find Jade1:07
4.Home From the Meeting3:04
5.The Magic Pictures1:30
6.My Shadow/I’ve Found You Waiting/A Farmer Buys a Book6:04
7.Student Uprising2:01
8.Teach Me to Read/We Shall Be Ancestors5:38
9.The Flying Birds Bewilder Them1:29
10.Annihilated Village1:41
11.Grandfather Speaks1:02
12.They Seem to Have a Plan/These Are the People (Chee Lai)3:56
13.Rain Came/Take Your Places/The March Begins/I Miss Them/The Enemy Came Closer7:07
14.Get to Your Homes2:48
15.Orchid Ravished/Sounds of Death/Sign of Wu Lien8:11
16.Chinese Quisling0:56
17.Through the Elements/Some Met Death/The Cord Is Red/The Seasons Bring a Grandson Part 17:24
# Pista   Duración
Disc Two
1.The Seasons Bring a Grandson Part 2/The Call for Volunteers4:18
2.Dealing With the Enemy/This Is the Beginning/All Men Are Brothers4:06
3.Visit to Parents2:36
5.Are You Afraid?/Traitor/Buying Poison4:13
6.My Husband’s Handiwork/Sweets With Opium1:46
7.Are You With Us?1:31
8.We Are Not Dogs1:23
9.Jade Discovered/The Death of Wu Lien3:40
10.Reflection/Summer Was Gone2:57
11.I Can Kill1:42
12.A Cloud Covers My Mind/Mark the Land/Men Who Love Peace/It Is Time Now/Flames for China/Final Episode/Coda11:54
Bonus Tracks
14.Opening Title (English voices)/This Is the Valley of Ling4:22
15.Flute Addenda1:06
16.These Are the People (Chee Lai)3:17
17.Lullaby (Men Chiang) (traditional)/Visit to Parents2:51
18.Chee Lai1:32
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