Sherlock Holmes
The Sign of Four / Adventures of Sherlock Holmes / Return of Sherlock Holmes

Serie de TV/Telefilme | Fecha de lanzamiento: 1987 | Medio: CD


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# Pista   Duración
1.221B Baker Street: Opening Theme0:47
2.The Dancing Men: Elsie Cubitt3:56
3.The Priory School: Libera Me4:13
4.The Musgrave Ritual: North By Ten and Ten2:44
5.The Sign of Four: Old Sherman's Dog Toby1:25
6.The Resident Patient: Sutton's Nightmare3:35
7.The Sign of Four: River Chase5:54
8.The Final Problem: The Death of Sherlock Holmes5:25
9.A Scandal in Bohemia: Irene Adler4:46
10.The Final Problem: Holmes In Europe1:25
11.The Norwood Builder: John Hector McFarlane and His Mother2:01
12.The Priory School: Setting Out2:08
13.The Six Napoleons: Lucretia Venucci and Her Family3:44
14.The Blue Carbuncle: Mrs. Henry Bakaders Christmas2:10
15.The Second Stain: The Illustrious Lord Bellinger2:13
16.The Second Stain: On the Trail1:19
17.The Twisted Lip: Neville St. Clair Nostalgia2:14
18.The Twisted Lip: The Bar of Gold, Upper Swandham Lane4:07
19.The Empty House: Baker Street Reunion1:48
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