The Sand Pebbles
The deluxe edition

Varèse Sarabande Club (0720258711694)
Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2002 | Estreno de película: 1966 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 3000 copias


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# Pista   Duración
2.Main Title2:57
3.Getting Acquainted3:53
4.Hello, Engine1:24
5.Death Of A Coolie0:57
6.Maily Appears1:07
7.Training A New Coolie0:40
8.Repel Boarders (Mono)2:40
9.The Mission at China Light2:05
10.Death of A Thousand Cuts4:46
11.Act One Finale0:59
13.Back To Port0:53
14.My Secret4:00
15.Jake and Shirley4:24
16.A Conversation2:02
17.The Wedding6:11
18.Coolies Jump Ship1:50
19.State Of Siege5:53
20.Frenchy’s Death2:19
21.Maily’s Abduction2:49
22.Final Mission5:46
23.Battle Continues2:12
24.Death of the Assassin1:46
26.Almost Home (Finale)1:00
27.End Title0:38
28.Exit Music2:39
Bonus Tracks:
29.Overture (Alternate)2:54
30.Chinese Love Theme2:26
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