I.Q. / Seconds

La-La Land Records (0826924110928)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 15/10/2009 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 3000 copias


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# Pista   Duración
I.Q. (1994)
1.Campus Morning1:56
2.Fundamental Order/First Sight/Chance/Craps3:00
3.The Riders1:23
4.The Watch/I Fixed It1:20
5.Ideas/Dress Up1:44
6.The Lecture1:29
7.Count the Stars2:07
8.First Exam1:20
10.Equations/A Little Smile1:02
11.Caged Fun1:15
12.I Really Do1:08
13.Years Ago/Practice1:10
14.Don't Panic2:29
15.April Fool1:01
16.The Compass2:22
17.Wahoo/End Credits6:23
I.Q. Bonus Tracks
18.Dress Up (alternate)1:36
19.Wahoo (with extension)3:06
Seconds (1966)
20.Main Title3:00
21.39 Lafayette Street2:17
22.Quiet Isolation2:14
25.Rehabilitation/Strange Arrival2:16
26.Restless Hours2:53
28.Begin Again/Peaceful Aftermath2:24
29.End Title1:15
Seconds Bonus Tracks
30.Quiet Isolation (contains dialogue bleed)2:27
31.Restless Hours (contains dialogue bleed)3:12
32.Peaceful Aftermath (contains source)0:52
33.Begin Again (contains dialogue bleed)1:44
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Film composer great Jerry Goldsmith (PATTON, THE OMEN, GREMLINS, FIRST BLOOD) takes us on an emotional, musical journey through the light and dark realms of science with this limited edition release of two of his previously unreleased scores from Paramount Pictures -- I.Q. (1994), starring Meg Ryan, Walter Matthau and Tim Robbins, directed by Fred Schepisi and SECONDS (1966), starring Rock Hudson, Murray Hamilton, directed by John Frankenheimer. This CD, produced by Dan Goldwasser, was mastered by Mike Matessino from Paramount Pictures vault elements. The 20-Page CD Booklet features in-depth liner notes by Jeff Bond that bring you behind-the-music of both orchestral scores -- film music that boldly demonstrates the brilliant talent and versatility of one of the medium’s most beloved composers. This is a limited edition of 3000 Units.

ABOUT THIS RELEASE: - Jerry Goldsmith's I.Q. was mastered from a combination of 2-track and 3-track mixes from the Paramount vault. Mastered by Michael Matessino, the music - recorded in 1994 - was recent enough to not require any restoration work, but it went through a careful EQ and clean-up process. Regarding SECONDS, the only source available from the studio vaults were mono 35mm music stems off of the original film. Because this three-channel split source contained dialogue, music and sound effects, there was a bit of bleed onto the music tracks. While many of the music cues were clean and easily mastered, the few cues with faint dialogue bleed had exacting and respectful clean-up work done on them to make the music as presentable as possible. Since we did not want to lose any of Goldsmith's precious, much-demanded music, there is still some bleed present in a few of the bonus tracks, but these tracks have been restored to the best quality possible given the source material.

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