Penelope / Bachalor in Paradise

Film Score Monthly (0638558018828)
Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2005 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 3000 copias


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# Pista   Duración
Penelope composed by John Williams (1966)
1.Penelope/Building Pan2:25
2.To Bergdorf's/Shoe Fly2:17
4.Wedding Reception/Don't Be Jealous/Stolen Earrings2:44
5.Sabada and Ducky/Forgotten Shoes3:06
6.Penny's Arcade1:30
7.Lenses and Contacts1:54
8.Shopping Around/The Thrift Shop/Vintage Pastrami/Sabada's Salon3:50
10.At the Art Museum3:02
11.Penny's Hobbies/Poolside/La Bostella/Penny's Loot2:27
12.Mannix Follows Penny/Mannix Complicity1:47
13.Anonymous Friends2:28
14.Mildred's Mission2:59
15.Penny's Party1:11
16.Penny Runs Away/Penny's Substitute1:37
17.James's Vision/Patient Cured5:41
18.End Title1:57
21.Penny's Arcade2:28
22.La Bostella2:12
23.The Girl in the Yellow Dress2:39
24.Penelope (Instrumental)3:23
25.Penelope (Love Theme)3:16
26.Girl Chase3:25
27.The Sun Is Grey2:20
29.At the Art Museum3:14
30.The Mad Professor1:53
# Pista   Duración
Bachelor in Paradise composed by Henry Mancini (1961)
1.Main Title2:16
2.Home Again/Entering Paradise1:51
4.Drum Effects/Bachelor in Paradise3:18
5.Wake Up/Throughout the Day/Wet Thumb2:22
6.Top Shelf2:14
7.Try It Tonight1:10
8.Quite Civilized/Nosey2:34
9.Oh Jacques1:04
10.The Navel Sisters/Rosemary's Hula/Why Red2:50
11.Pickles and Peanut Butter1:15
12.A Splendid Piece2:15
13.A Real Heel/A Sad Piece2:06
14.Welcome Home/On the Couch3:11
15.Wolf in Paradise2:44
16.Sexy Ideas1:18
17.Ancient Ritual1:22
18.Bachelor in Paradise (demo)2:13
19.The Riviera1:25
20.How About You2:17
21.Easy to Love2:03
24.Green Dolphin Street1:20
25.Star Eyes3:37
26.Belly Buttons and Booze2:50
27.Doorbell Effect0:14
Penelope Bonus Tracks
28.Penelope (original ending)2:20
29.Onward Christian Soldiers/Happy Days1:04
30.James Breaks Even1:00
31.Village Party2:14
32.The Sun Is Grey (film version)1:53
33.The Sun Is Grey (alternate)1:42
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