Film Score Monthly (0638558002025)
Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2000 | Estreno de película: 1966 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 3000 copias


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Acknowledgment/Main Title2:27
2.Batmobile to Airport1:58
3.A Good Job2:20
4.Roger Wilco2:43
5.Just Ring/Yo Ho, Sir/Let's Find Out2:20
6.Tricky Buoy3:21
8.Holy Polaris0:58
10.Shades of Smolensic3:17
11.Jet Umbrellas1:49
12.Filthy Criminals/Chamber 172:43
13.Credulous Creatures/Fine Finkish Friends2:17
14.Dehydrated/Stand Clear3:43
15.Flee for Your Life!2:31
16.False Feathers/Swallow This Pill3:25
17.My Very Paradise2:04
18.The Grotto/A Stitch in Time3:08
19.Emergency Operation2:54
20.Small Craft3:27
21.Attack/Take It in Tow4:16
23.End Title1:06
Bonus Bat Tracks
24.Dark Eyes0:20
25.Plaisir d'Amour Giovanni Martini1:25
26.Again Lionel Newman2:03
27.Batman Theme Neal Hefti0:44
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