National Geographic Presents: The Explorers - A Century of Discovery

Película | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2008 | Estreno de película: 1988 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 1000 copias


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# Pista   Duración
1.Tease Intro; Tease Montage; National Geographic Specials Theme3:12
2.Alexander Graham Bell1:35
3.Early Magazines; Action Photos & Color; North Pole With Peary; The Bingham Expedition; Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes; Bell’s Invention9:50
4.Joseph Rock In The Orient; The King Tut Excavation4:29
5.Antarctic Summer; Byrd Flies Over Pole1:45
6.The Johnsons In Africa; Bebee’s Diving Bell1:52
7.Strange Undersea Life0:40
8.Ballooning Future; Ballooning Triumph1:23
9.Driving The Trans-Asiatic Expedition; Trans-Asiatic Compromise1:34
10.War-Time Yucatan Expedition1:13
11.Cousteau Accomplishments; Hillary On Everest2:14
12.Everest Ending0:46
13.Three Generations of Grosvenors as Head of NGS; Project Bebee: Jeannie Clarke2:13
14.Ancient Shipwreck; Celebrating Archaeological Divers1:24
15.The Titanic1:05
16.Robot Explores Titanic; Tomb Probe3:46
17.Leakey; Leakey Successes; Misty Gorilla4:25
18.Helping Primitive Cultures; Wide River3:05
19.Cosmic Wrap-Up; End Credits3:27
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World premiere of sweeping Lee Holdridge score for National Geographic production celebrating 100 years of discovery. Holdridge bookends with vivid presentation of his 'Wizards and Warriors' theme, then fills in with rich tapestry of voyage music, ideas for oceans, mountain peaks, expeditions, great discoveries. CD also has 1988 Holdridge update of famous signature theme by Elmer Bernstein. Complete score presented from only surviving National Geographic master elements, happily in stereo albeit with minor analog tape noise. Lee Holdridge conducts. Intrada Signature Edition limited to 1000 copies!

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