Young Justice

La-La Land Records (0826924126226)
Serie de TV/Telefilme | Fecha de estreno: 16/07/2013 | Medio: CD


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# Pista   Duración
1.Young Justice Main Title0:26
2.Dynamic Duo Ice Freeze1:26
3.Star City1:06
4.Central City/Washington, D.C.1:14
5.Covert Ops2:07
6.Arrival of the League2:15
7.Red Tornado Arrives1:01
8.Martian Bio-Ship1:55
9.Aqualad Comes Home0:58
10.Mera Attacks2:37
11.M'gann Finds Kid Flash & Artemis2:01
12.Psimon Says Forget1:14
13.Skateboarding Kid0:38
14.Giant Water Eel Battle1:05
15.Team Re-Elects Aqualad1:49
16.Welcome to the Team0:41
17.Morrow Lab Source1:38
18.Planetary Destruction1:42
19.Red Tornado Saves the Earth1:38
20.Revenge Mode1:36
21.Subliminally Sad0:46
22.Artemis/Zatanna Rooftop Chase2:35
23.Watchtower Election1:05
24.Cheshire Is Back2:16
25.Vandal & Klarion Retreat3:05
26.Missing Sixteen Hours1:28
27.Meet Lobo3:44
29.Nathaniel Changes1:07
30.Artemis Deep Cover1:26
31.Roy's Desperation2:37
32.Undercover Artemis1:07
33.Mount Justice Destroyed2:40
34.The Scarab Connection1:41
35.Aqualad Brain Purée1:57
36.Mental Maneuvers3:22
37.Tick Tock Tick Tock1:09
38.White Limo1:48
39.Arsenal Still Running0:44
40.Return to Bialya2:40
41.Black Beetle Gets Away1:27
42.Wally's Sacrifice3:13
43.Business as Usual1:16
44.Young Justice End Credits0:33
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