21 grams

Geneon Entertainment (4988102230258)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 21/04/2004 | Estreno de película: 2003 | Medio: CD


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Do We Lose 21 Grams?2:28
2.Can Things Be Better?1:16
3.Did This Really Happenn?1:02
4.Cut Chemist SuiteOzomatli4:36
5.Should I Let Her Know?1:27
6.Can Emptiness Be Filled?1:05
7.Shake Rattle And RollBenicio del Toro6:09
8.Can I Be Forgiven?1:37
9.Low RiderWAR3:08
10.Is There A Way To Help Her?0:45
11.Does He Who Looks For The Truth, Deserve The Punishment For Finding It?1:41
12.You’re Losing MeAnn Sexton2:17
13.Can Dry Leaves Help Us?3:52
14.Can We Mix The Unmixable? (Remix)1:59
15.Can Light Be Found In The Darkness?2:22
16.When Our Wings Are Cut, Can We Still Fly?The Kronos Quartet2:27
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21 grams (2003)

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