The Legend of Heroes
Zero No Kiseki Original Soundtrack

Soundtrack de videojuego | Fecha de estreno: 29/05/2013 | Medio: Descarga


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# Pista   Duración
1.Way of Life: Opening Version1:57
2.Landscape of the Streets2:14
3.C.S.P.D -Crossbell State Police Department-2:17
5.Get Over the Barrier!2:00
6.This Is Our Power !0:53
7.Special Support Section1:51
8.Tomorrow Is Another Day1:53
11.Point and Line1:47
12.On the Green Road2:25
13.Lemonade in One Hand2:36
14.Armorica Village1:53
15.Afternoon in Crossbell2:24
16.Water, Greenery, and Blue Sky2:28
17.Arrest the Criminal2:20
18.Wind from the Liberl1:22
19.St.Ursula Medical College2:39
20.Road of the Echo3:04
21.Mainz Mining Town2:08
22.Gleam of Septium3:01
23.Be Sandwiched Between Two Major Powers2:03
# Pista   Duración
2.Revache & Co.2:46
3.Heiyue Trade Company2:11
4.Terminal Room1:43
5.Between the Forgotten Phantasm3:44
6.Ardour of the Sun1:40
7.Yearning Heart of the Moon1:46
8.Child 's Mind1:48
9.Hour of Destiny1:59
10.Non-Negotiable Feelings1:15
11.Beyond a Thousand Nights1:14
12.Dawn ~ Denouement1:25
13.Founding Anniversary Festival3:04
14.Balloons and Confetti2:19
15.Explosive Situation1:56
16.Foolish Gig1:42
17.Intense Chase2:19
18.Underground Kids1:42
19.Limit Break1:43
20.Beyond the Railroad Bridge2:04
21.Dangerous Situation1:48
22.Formidable Enemy2:09
23.Stand Up Battle Formation Again!1:47
24.Shattered Feelings...2:39
26.Schwarz Auction2:25
27.Will to Keep Protecting2:20
# Pista   Duración
1.The Chance of Rain Is 10%2:11
2.Crossbell Cathedral1:41
3.Bell That Doesn't Supposed to Ring2:57
4.During Mission Accomplishment2:19
5.Tender Heart2:03
6.Staring At That the Back2:23
7.Killing Bear2:15
8.Ancient Beating3:17
9.Invitation to the Wisdom2:29
10.Demonic Drive2:51
12.Hazy Starry Sky At Night Scene1:55
13.Resonating Heart2:20
14.Surely Someday2:25
15.Inevitable Struggle2:39
16.Invincible Strength2:00
17.Get Over the Barrier! -Roaring Version-4:11
18.A Light Illuminating the Depths2:14
19.Courage to Take a Step2:26
20.Arrival Existence4:41
21.Fulfilled Feelings3:17
22.Each One's Tomorrow2:31
23.New Days ~ Omen5:27
24.Zero No Kiseki2:15
25.Way of Life4:08
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