Call of Duty Soundtrack Collection

Activision (0021925029365)
Soundtrack de videojuego | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2008 | Medio: CD
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# Pista   Duración
Call of Duty by Michael Giacchino
1.Call of Duty4:59
3.Countryside Drive4:14
4.Approaching the Tirpitz2:39
5.Below Deck1:48
6.Stuka's and Flakvierling's3:11
7.Eder Dam3:26
8.Taking Stalingrad3:52
9.Breaking Through2:02
10.Red Square1:38
11.Sewers Under Stalingrad1:54
12.Tanks a Lot3:25
13.Pegasus Bridge2:50
# Pista   Duración
Call of Duty 2 by Graeme Revell
1.Comrade Sniper3:02
2.Not One Step Backward!2:39
3.Demolition & Aftermath1:40
4.Railroad Station No. 1 (In The Pipe)2:37
5.To Victory!0:40
6.The End Of The Beginning1:00
7.The Battle Of '88 Ridge'3:57
8.The Diversionary Raid & Leaving The Depot2:40
9.Armored Car Getaway1:52
10.Before The Storm1:46
11.Charge Of The Crusaders3:20
12.The Desert Sea1:37
13.The Boys Of Pointe Du Hoc2:11
14.Reinforcements To The Pointe1:47
15.Hedgerow Approach & The Silo3:09
16.Tough Days Ahead0:39
17.P-51 Mustangs0:59
18.Across The Rhine3:37
# Pista   Duración
Call Of Duty 3 by Joel Goldsmith
1.Call Of Duty3:24
2.Falaise Road1:38
3.The Corridor Of Death1:06
4.Night Drop Prelude1:41
5.Road To Chambois1:51
6.Mayenne Bridge1:36
7.Call To Arms2:30
9.Saint Lo1:17
10.The Island1:13
11.Laison River1:09
12.The Black Baron1:10
13.The Crossroads2:31
14.The Forrest1:25
15.For The Fallen1:56
16.Les Ormes1:19
17.Ingram's Pride1:18
18.The Corridor Of Death 23:52
19.Fog Of War2:08
20.Victory Melody1:15
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