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Prime Time

Sonic Images US (0782827892227)
Serie de TV/Telefilme | Fecha de lanzamiento: 2000 | Medio: CD


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Outer Limits (remix) John van Tongeren3:33
2.Pacific Blue: Main theme (Just Another Day in L.A.) Christopher Franke1:10
3.The Sentinel: As Good as She Teal Thompson3:42
4.Raven: theme Christopher Franke1:15
5.Raven: See the Light Christopher Franke3:31
6.Poltergeist: The Legacy (techno legacy) Tongeren/Allison3:35
7.Lois & Clark (extended remix) Jay Gruska4:38
8.Chicago Hope: Main title (second season) Mark Isham0:51
9.Chicago Hope: New Hope Jeff Rona3:24
10.Lois & Clark: Main Title theme Jay Gruska1:03
11.Lonesome Dove: Main Title Basil Poledouris5:15
12.Conan: The Magic Wind Charles Fox2:37
13.Crusade: Main Title Evan H. Chen1:31
14.Babylon 5: Main Title (second season) Christopher Franke1:27
15.Babylon 5: Main Title (fifth season) Christopher Franke1:32
16.Poltergeist: The Legacy: Spirit Thief Steven M. Stern5:21
17.The Sentinel: theme James Newton Howard0:38
18.The Sentinel: Bus Chase Steve Porcaro6:27
19.Poltergeist: The Legacy: Legacy II (Rest in Peace) John van Tongeren2:38
20.Lois & Clark: Clark in the Country Jay Gruska1:41
21.Earth: Final Conflict: Volunteers / End Credits Erbe/Solomon1:52
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