Death of a Gunfighter / Skullduggery
Limited Edition

La-La Land Records 09/04/2024 CD - 1500 copias


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Sweet Apple WineLena Horne1:11
3.Main Title (‘Death Of A Gunfighter’)1:14
4.Claire / Cottonwood Spring / Good Night Marshal3:12
5.Dark Stable1:22
6.Claire Asleep1:04
7.Poor Luke1:02
8.Fish Pond / Get Up Pa2:22
9.Father And Son1:53
10.Cool Off3:30
11.Grim Walk / Oxley And Rifle2:28
12.Damn It Andy / Confused Patch / Goodbye Frank4:13
13.Wedding Day2:37
14.Will Gets His2:33
15.Light Gun Battle1:24
16.Last Walk1:25
17.End Title (‘Death Of A Gunfighter’)1:12
18.Sweet Apple Wine (Long Version)Lena Horne2:21
Skullduggery (1970)
19.Main Title (‘Skullduggery’)4:02
20.Tool Shed / Smash The Bottle2:19
22.Boat Trip2:27
23.The Trip Continues3:03
24.Sack Time1:18
25.Rain Forest2:25
26.Let’s Get Out1:24
27.Him Lost1:20
28.Come In / Hidden Valley1:22
29.Salty Bones1:55
30.Don’t Keep Your Fossils Waiting0:51
31.Enter Tropis1:09
32.Rover Or Sport1:53
33.How About A Kiss1:16
34.Trek Back0:50
35.Mining Operation1:10
36.Bare Midriff / Morris Minor1:19
37.Missing Link Murder / Head Lines0:39
38.He Was Born Dead2:49
39.Topazia’s Rag Doll1:13
40.End Title (‘Skullduggery’)1:34
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