Good Omens 2

Silva Screen Records 25/08/2023 Descarga
Serie de TV/Telefilme Estreno de película: 2023


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# Pista   Duración
Chapter 1: The Arrival
1.Before the Beginning 
2.Good Omens 2 Opening Title 
3.Into Soho 
4.Something Terrible 
5.To The Bookshop 
6.Maggie and Nina 
7.He’s Smoking 
8.Tiny Miracle 
9.Heavenly Alarm Bells 
Chapter 2: The Clue
10.Avaunt ! 
11.The Song is the Clue 
12.It’s What God Wants 
13.A Mighty Wind 
15.Gabriel Returns 
16.His New Children 
17.Am I Awful Now? 
18.Fallen Angel 
Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going
19.Police Arrive 
21.We’re Going to Hell 
22.People Get a Choice 
23.My Car is Not Yellow 
24.Beelzebub in Hell 
25.The Book 
26.The Fly 
27.Mr. Dalrymple 
28.We Need to Cut 
29.I’m Going to Save Her 
30.Crowley Goes Large 
31.Not Kind 
32.Beelzebub Isn't Happy 
Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker
34.Nazi Zombies 
35.March of the Nazi Zombies 
36.Crowley Pep Talk 
37.The Magic Shop 
38.Catch The Bullet 
39.Zombies in the Dressing Room 
Chapter 5: The Ball
40.I'll Let You Have It 
41.We’re Storming a Book Shop 
42.Monsieur Azirophale 
43.The Candelabra 
44.Here Comes Hell 
45.Gabriel Gives Himself Up 
47.The Circle 
Chapter 6: Every Day
48.Bin Through the WIndow 
49.Gabriel Leaving Heaven 
50.The Halo 
51.Gabriel Revealed 
52.Gabriel's Love Story 
53.Leaving The Bookshop 
54.Gabriel and Beelzebub 
55.Crowley and Muriel 
56.I Forgive You 
57.Don’t Bother 
58.The Biggest Decision 
59.The End ? 
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