The Munsters: Television Music of Jack Marshall With the Deputy, Wagon Train & the Virginian

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# Pista   Duración
1.The Munsters Main Title0:47
2.Episode Credits0:21
3.Munster Masquerade2:50
4.My Fair Munster2:01
5.Pike's Pique2:32
6.LowCal Munster5:04
7.LowCal TV Music1:13
8.Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie2:51
9.The Midnight Ride Of Herman Munster5:47
10.Family Portrait5:32
11.Grandpa Leaves Home1:24
12.Grandpa's Call Of The Wild2:31
13.Wild Radio Music0:46
14.AllStar Munster1:10
15.Eddie's Nickname4:01
16.Country Club Munsters3:23
17.The Munsters End Title0:34
18.The Munsters Main Title0:46
19.Episode Credits0:17
20.Herman's Child Psychology1:50
21.Herman, The Master Spy1:10
22.Scuba Dive Radio1:25
23.Bronco-Bustin' Munster4:07
24.Herman Munster, Shutterbug2:49
25.Happy 100th Anniversary0:39
26.Operation Herman3:30
27.Lily's Star Boarder2:34
28.John Doe Munster2:30
29.A Man For Marilyn3:53
30.Herman's Driving Test2:25
31.Will Success Spoil Herman Munster?1:31
32.Herman Picks A Winner3:32
33.Herman The Tire Kicker2:41
34.The Munsters End Credits (Season 2)0:34
35.The Deputy Theme0:50
36.The Johnny Shanks Story4:13
37.The Return Of Simon Fry3:26
38.The Big Four2:13
39.Big Four Saloon2:19
40.The Next Bullet3:18
41.Hang The Law3:40
42.The Jason Harris Story2:47
43.Bitter Root2:59
44.Meet Sergeant Tasker4:08
45.The World Against Me3:10
46.The Means And The End1:09
47.The Example2:19
48.Charlie's Plan3:14
49.Execution March Protruding Tongue2:34
50.Sleepwalking Scotty Bella3:52
51.Rafe And Ben1:26
52.Image Of An Outlaw Exercising Horse2:21
53.Liz And Rafe2:08
54.Abandoned Cabin Liz And The Virginian4:48
55.Dejected Men Abe And Rafe3:21
57.Rafe Galloping4:57
58.Rafe Strangles Angie Liz Riding3:11
59.Western Country And End Title6:17
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