Skye Hoshi: Anime Girl

VHC Music 05/06/2023 Descarga
Película Estreno de película: 2023


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# Pista   Duración
1.What Is This Jar?1:14
2.I Am Not from the Syndicate!2:22
3.Marvin Is Confused0:39
4.Atom's Home0:52
5.The First Dinner2:27
6.Security Cameras2:12
7.One Less Star1:24
8.The Legend of Hoshi3:12
9.Skye Has Disappeared from the Anime!1:30
10.A Beautiful Novel1:18
11.Kira's Theme (feat. Kalani Hubbard)3:10
12.Trying to Go Back1:16
13.Kira´s Revenge (feat. Kalani Hubbard)1:22
14.What Did You Do?2:06
15.Thank You for Taking Me Here4:10
16.Skye Hoshi Main Theme2:48
17.Purple Hair Girl1:06
18.I Don't Think I'm Gonna Find It1:16
19.Skye's Theme4:10
20.I Want to Write My Own Future3:46
21.Love Theme3:32
22.A Dying Star3:16
23.Atom's Theme2:27
24.Future Marvin1:10
25.The Girl on the Poster0:54
26.Every Story Has an End0:38
27.Concept 01 (Main Theme)1:52
28.Concept 02 (Comical Emotional Theme)2:00
29.Concept 03 (Love Theme)2:30
30.Concept 04 (Mystery Emotional Theme)2:00
31.Concept 05 (Skye´s Theme)2:14
32.Concept 06 (Skye Exploring the Magic)1:44
33.Concept 07 (Atom's Theme Variation)1:47
34.Concept 08 (Atom Falls in Love)2:05
35.Concept 09 (Atom Searching for the Poster/Skye's Decision)2:35
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