Una Questione d'Onore

Quartet Records (8436035004140)
Película | Fecha de estreno: 03/04/2012 | Estreno de película: 1966 | Medio: CD
Edición limitada: 500 copias


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# Pista   Duración
1.Una questione d’onore (Titoli parte prima)1:57
2.Una questione d’onore (Titoli parte seconda)2:07
3.Una questione d’onore (Titoli parte terza)0:54
4.Una questione d’onore (Teste dure)0:54
5.West Sardinia2:08
6.Una questione d’onore (attesa)1:31
7.Domenica Angela (Tema d’amore)2:41
8.Una questione d’onore (risveglio)0:50
9.La festa0:40
10.Domenica Angela (Tema d’amore #2)0:25
11.Una questione d’onore (surf)2:40
12.Una questione d’onore (all’alba)0:42
13.West Sardinia (#2)1:55
14.Una questione d’onore (serenata)1:15
15.West Sardinia (#3)1:15
16.Valzer per una pecora1:25
17.Domenica Angela (Tema d’amore #3)1:29
18.La festa (#2)2:20
19.Una questione d’onore (tensione)0:31
20.Anice Nuraghi2:35
21.Domenica Angela (Tema d’amore #4)0:22
22.West Sardinia (#4)1:46
23.Una banda per un assassinio2:24
24.Domenica Angela (Tema d’amore #5)1:35
25.West Sardinia (#5)1:11
26.Una questione d’onore (al tramonto)1:35
27.West Sardinia (#6)1:05
28.Modi loro2:02
29.Una questione d’onore (agguato)2:08
30.West Sardinia (#7)0:38
31.Una questione d’onore (chitarra sola)1:07
32.Una questione d’onore (serenata #2)1:43
33.West Sardinia (#8)3:40
Bonus Tracks
35.Una questione d’onore (Titoli parte seconda-senza coro)2:07
36.Una banda per un assassino (alternate take)1:01
37.Una questione d’onore (versione singolo)2:40
38.Una questione d’onore (teste dure alternate edit)2:24
39.Mosche e Pupe (alternate edit)2:40
40.West Sardinia (alternate edit)2:41
41.La festa (alternate edit)2:58
42.Valzer per una pecora (alternate edit)1:55
43.Modi loro (alternate edit)2:28
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World Premiere Release with the complete, imaginative, full melodic score by Luis Bacalov (The Man Called Noon, Coup de foudre, Il Vangelo Secondo Mateo) for the Luigi Zampa’s black comedy from 1965.

The film tells the story of Efisio Mulas (Ugo Tognazzi), a simple, good-natured man who rides around the island on his donkey, seemingly unaware of the acts of terrorism, murderers and mafia vendettas surrounding him.

Even if the film is a bit forgotten, we’re happy that the score won’t have to share its fate. Quartet Records is proud to present the first ever complete release of this score, which was originally issued on EP by the Italian label Ricordi including only three cues. It’s a little known fact that Bacalov planned to have an LP of the music, compiling a well-balanced program he edited specifically for the record. Unfortunately this release only appeared three decades later, when Point Records issued A ciascuno il suo and the previously unreleased LP program of Una questione d’onore on the same disc in 1995. Our CD carefully restored and mastered by Claudio Fuiano contains the entire score in film order, plus bonus tracks with the album edits.

Nearly 80 minutes with one of the best Italian film scores written in the sixties. Liner notes by Gergely Hubai.

Otras versiones de Una questione d'onore (1966):

Ciascuno Il Suo / Una Questione d'onore, A (1995)

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