Viva Zapata! /The Children's Hour

Soundstage Records 09/03/2009 CD (0019750002332)


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# Pista   Duración
Viva Zapata (1952)
1.Main Title 
3.The People Rebel 
4.In The Church 
5.Zapata Cuts The Rope 
6.Gathering The Forces 
7.Zapata Escapes 
8.Zapata Battles 
9.Pablo Is Interrogated 
10.Conscience (Cut From Film) 
11.Zapata March 
12.Zapata Circles The Name 
13.'There Is No Leader' 
14.Death Of Eufemio 
16.The Parting 
17.Zapata Body And Finale 
18.Main Title (Original Version, Not Used In Film) 
The Children's Hour (1961)
19.Late Night Drive 
20.Noise In The Night / Mary Watches (Original Unused Version) 
21.Mary Faints (Music Cut From Film) 
22.Joe And Karen Kiss 
23.Roommates (Cut From Film) 
24.Mary And Grandmother In The Car / Mary's Lies 
25.No More School 
26.Rosalie's Confession / Empty School 
27.No Walk 
28.Delivery Boy / Trapped 
29.Mrs. Tilford Learns The Truth 
30.Mrs. Tilford Rejected / The Long Walk 
31.Karen Runs / Martha's Room (Original Version Not In Film) / The Funeral (Cut From Film) 
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