Lakeshore Records 23/11/2022 Descarga
Serie de TV/Telefilme Estreno de película: 2022


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Wednesday Main TitlesDanny Elfman1:10
2.Thing Follows Rowen2:16
3.Morticia and Wednesday3:09
4.Secret Library2:33
5.Scorpion Flashback2:07
6.The Monster2:26
7.Family Day1:18
8.Burning Outcasts4:50
9.Wednesday on the Case3:32
10.Dress Shopping2:00
11.Gomez Accused of Murder1:50
12.A Dove and a Raven1:56
13.Gomez’ Story2:47
14.A More Than Adequate Father1:33
15.It’s A Snood0:49
16.Morticia’s Yearbook1:29
17.Devious Plan1:29
18.I Will Find You2:57
19.Searching the House5:20
20.The Monster Is Here!3:05
21.Uncle Fester0:54
22.Annoying Distractions3:23
23.Fester and Wednesday Stakeout1:28
24.Let’s Roll0:30
25.Stabbed in the Back3:29
26.First Kiss1:34
27.Wednesday Packs Up3:34
28.Crackstone Rises2:44
29.Goody Heals Wednesday1:56
30.Enid To The Rescue3:23
31.The Hug3:36
32.The End…?3:07
33.End Credits1:31
34.Meet Wednesday0:56
36.Secret Symbols1:46
37.Poe Cup Fanfare1:14
38.Poe Cup Race4:57
39.One More Chance1:28
40.A Safe Cracking Thing1:36
42.Wednesday and Pugsley0:58
43.Xavier and Wednesday2:07
44.Morticia’s Story3:26
45.The Gates Mansion2:14
46.Roomies No More0:53
47.Crackstone Defeated2:44
48.Wednesday Addams (End Titles)1:35
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