Flat Eye

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# Pista   Duración
1.Flat Eye3:40
2.First Snow2:59
6.The Many Futures That Might Be2:11
7.Atoms of Light2:58
8.Nominal Dopamine Levels2:49
9.Digital Shores2:21
10.The Infinite Influx of Information2:55
11.Holographic Sadness2:10
12.Lingering Thoughts2:44
13.Tomorrow Will Be Too Late2:22
14.A Node in the Future3:40
15.The Unyielding Passage of Time4:15
16.Little Brainy Mammals2:22
17.Neural Network2:31
18.Eye Life2:40
19.Black Rocks Amid Frozen Waves3:02
20.Black Rocks Amid Frozen Waves3:08
21.Algorithmic Paradigms4:50
22.Algorithmic Paradigms4:49
24.Tangerine Reverie3:33
25.A Burning Sun Setting Over Cold Machines5:34
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