Raven’s Hollow Volume 1

Robert Ellis-Geiger 22/09/2022 Descarga


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# Pista Artista/Compositor Duración
1.Lavender’s BlueMary Keene’s Walk 
2.Mary Keene’s Death 
3.Forest to the Rack-Threshold to Raven’s Hollow 
4.Charlotte and Poe 
5.Boarding House 
6.Doc and Daniel 
7.Usher Warns Cadets Again 
8.Poe and the Ghost 
9.Cricke’s Takeout 
10.Boarding House to Church 
11.Charlotte and Poe and Usher’s Interrogation 
12.1st Horse Chase 
13.Dog with Hand-Old Man Clay 
14.Cricke’s Head 
15.Church Reveal 
16.Exploding Man and Creature Rising 
17.Lutz’s Ghost-Henge-Pig Fest 
18.Mary Keene Story 
19.Cabin to the Gate and Raven’s Hollow 
20.Graveyard and the Raven’s Reveal 
21.Poe on the Rack-Usher’s Madness-Poe and Charlotte 
22.Into the Twilight 
23.Edgar Poe 
24.End Credit Roller 
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