2015The Little Prince
2014Curse of the Phoenix
2012House of the Long Shadows... Revisited
2011King Naresuan 4
2008Kafei wa cha
2007Les deux mondes
2007Tamnaan somdet phra Naresuan maharat: Phaak prakaat itsaraphaap
2006Death of a President
2005Colditz (series)
2003Keunbab prompiram
2003Suche impotenten Mann für's Leben
2002Two Men Went to War
2000Arabian Nights (series)
1999Animal Farm (Televisión)
1999The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns (series)
1999Captain Jack
1998The Ambassador (series)
1997Melissa (series)
1997The Last Governor (series)
1997Jane Eyre (Televisión)
1995A Mind to Murder (Televisión)
1995Jake's Progress (series)
1994Deadly Advice
1994The Wimbledon Poisoner (series)
1994Doomsday Gun (Televisión)
1993Doctor Finlay (series)
1993September Song (series)
1993Unnatural Causes (Televisión)
1992Immaculate Conception
1992Hostages (Televisión)
1992Natural Lies (series)
1991G.B.H. (series)
1991Devices and Desires (series)
1991A Small Dance
1991The Shape of the World (series)
1990Paper Mask
1989Countdown to War (Televisión)
1989A Quiet Conspiracy (series)
1989Cause célèbre (Televisión)
1988Rockliffe's Folly (series)
1988A Taste for Death (series)
1988Menace Unseen (series)
1988Game, Set, and Match (series)
1988Crossfire (series)
1987Ping Pong
1987The Gemini Factor (series)
1987A Killing on the Exchange (series)
1986Half Moon Street
1986A Sort of Innocence (series)
1986Defence of the Realm
1986Hideaway (series)
1986First Among Equals (series)
1986Inside Story (series)
1985The Black Tower (series)
1985Cover Her Face (series)
1985The Assam Garden
1985Screen Two (series)
1985Marjorie and Men (series)
1985The Dirty Dozen: Next Mission (Televisión)
1985Screen One (series)
1984Love and Marriage (series)
1984Morgan's Boy (series)
1984The New Statesman (series)
1984Winter Flight
1984Danger: Marmalade at Work (series)
1984Shroud for a Nightingale (series)
1983Spyship (series)
1983House of the Long Shadows
1983Struggle (series)
1983Terrahawks (series)
1983Death of an Expert Witness (series)
1981Lady Chatterley's Lover
1981To the Western World
1979Tales of the Unexpected (series)