Fecha de lanzamiento Título
1984Vickie's Song
1984Torch Song
1984Too Young to Die
1984The Perfect Twenty
1984Seven Dead Eyes
1984Satan, Cyanide and Murder
1984Kill Devil
1984Hot Ice
1984Dead on a Dime
1984Dead Man's Run
1983Murder Me, Murder You
1982The Big Easy
1979The Loneliest Night of the Week
1979That's What I Owe You
1979A Very Special Person
1978You Can't Have My Baby
1978Thunder God Gold
1978The Moving Mountain
1978The Madonna Caper
1978The Lost Island
1978The Lost Boy
1978The Creature Beyond the Door
1978Surf's Up
1978Return of Death Probe: Part 2
1978Return of Death Probe: Part 1
1978One-Punch Wolfson
1978Just a Matter of Time
1978How Do You Run Forever?
1978Hitch-Hiking Hitch
1978Dead Ringer
1978Brother Wolf
1977To Catch the Eagle
1977The Ultimate Imposter
1977The Search
1977The Privacy of the Mind
1977The Mad Mad Bomber
1977The Infiltrators
1977The Ghostly Teletype
1977The Cheshire Project
1977Target: Steve Austin
1977Sharks: Part 1
1977Killer Wind
1977Girl on the Ledge
1977Fires of Hell
1977Fighting O'Haven
1977Death Probe: Part 2
1977Death Probe: Part 1
1977Death in a Different Place
1977Deadly Countdown: Part 2
1977Deadly Countdown: Part 1
1977Dark Side of the Moon: Part 2
1977Dark Side of the Moon: Part 1
1977Danny's Inferno
1977Carnival of Spies
1977Carlisle Girl
1977Bigfoot V
1976Vulture of the Andes
1976The Thunderbird Connection
1976The Return of Bigfoot: Part 1
1976The Most Dangerous Enemy
1976The Golden Pharaoh
1976The Bionic Boy
1976Task Force
1976Street Killing
1976Nightmare in the Sky
1976Love Song for Tanya
1976H+2+O = Death
1976Double Trouble
1976A Bionic Christmas Carol
1975Travels with Flip
1975Texas Longhorn
1974Willie Dynamite
1973The Fuzz Brothers
1973Dark Victory
1973Cleopatra Jones
1972Top of the Heap
1972Across 110th Street
1971Man and Boy
1971Angry Man
1970You'll Never Walk Alone
1970You Gotta Have Soul
1970The Bed
1970Nothin' But the Truth
1970In Sickness and in Health
1970Down with the Landlord
1970Disorder in the Court
1970Corie's Rear Window