Alex Cross

Movie | Release date: 10/19/2012 | Film release: 2012 | Format: Download

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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Alex Cross Opening1:41
2.Going To Pop Pop1:17
3.Maria Is Pregnant2:14
4.MMA Enterance1:33
5.Picasso Breaks An Arm0:52
6.Picasso Seduces Women3:04
7.Tommy / Monica Talk2:04
8.Alex Accesses Crime Scene4:45
9.Next Target1:01
10.Aqua Building6:20
11.Boom He's Gone1:55
12.Alex Profiles Killer1:37
13.I Don't Want To Die1:58
14.Picasso Kills Maria5:11
15.Alex Comforts Janelle2:58
16.Detroit P.D. Breakin1:56
17.Give Me A Name2:00
18.Shutdown Courthouse Square2:54
19.Picasso Takes Train5:40
20.Confronting Picasso2:48
21.Alex / Picasso Do Battle2:38
22.It Ain't Over Tommy2:02
23.Restrained Satisfaction1:48
24.Alex Walks to House10:
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Alex Cross - 08/10 - Review of Liam Martinez, submitted at
I think the best way I could summarize this soundtrack is disappointing. When I heard Debney, who can give us awesome action scores, did this film, I was excited to hear the end result. Unfortunately, there wasn't so much action as there was soft and boring thriller music.

It's not like I hate it, since the action music we did get was very decent. I was just expecting more.

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