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La notte brava

Bacci Bros Records 06/30/2022 Download
Movie Film release: 1959

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# Track   Duration
1.La notte brava (Titoli)2:21
2.La notte brava-Hello You (feat. Carol Danell)2:51
3.La notte brava (Fast Piano-Chase Theme)1:04
4.La notte brava (Mambo delle prostitute)2:19
5.La notte brava (Marinacci-Slow Flute Version)1:20
6.La notte brava-Hello You (Instrumental)2:38
7.La notte brava (Lydia MacDonald Vocalization) (feat. Lydia MacDonald)2:46
8.La notte brava (Sax Rock)2:10
9.La notte brava (Big Band Jazz)2:06
10.La notte brava (Mambo)2:08
11.La notte brava-Hello You (Piero Slow-Piano Instrumental)1:42
12.La notte brava (Tema Titoli-Spy Version)2:34
13.La notte brava (Theme Variation)0:46
14.La notte brava (Marinacci-Dream Flute Sequence)1:06
15.La notte brava-Hello You (Take 2) (feat. Carol Danell)2:52
16.La notte brava-Hello You (Take 3) (feat. Carol Danell)2:49
17.La notte brava (Mystery-Band Version)3:49
18.La notte brava (Suspense-Sax and Vibes)1:35
19.La notte brava (Tango)1:14
20.La notte brava (Lydia Foreground Scat) (feat. Lydia MacDonald)2:37
21.La notte brava (Big Band Slow swing)1:27
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