A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 1 - 5

Movie | Released: 2000 | Format: CD
Limited edition

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# Track   Duration
2.Main Title3:32
3.Laying the Traps2:05
4.Dream Attack1:19
5.Rod Hanged / Night Stalking4:42
6.Jail Cell1:12
8.Sleep Clinic2:25
9.Terror in the Tub0:57
10.No Escape2:15
11.School Horror / Stay Awake4:02
13.Telephone Terror1:07
14.Fountain of Blood1:03
15.Evil Freddy0:49
16.Final Search3:57
17.Run Nancy1:04
# Track   Duration
1.Main Title2:30
2....And Leave the Driving to Us2:00
3.Furnace Flare-Up2:14
4.Kissing Freddy on the Catwalk3:18
6.Jump Rope1:42
7.Fire Bird3:12
8.Dream Heat1:10
9.Necromancer's Spell2:27
10.Kill for Me2:38
11.Sports Attack / Threatening Angela2:35
12.Freed of Her1:38
# Track   Duration
2.Puppet Walk3:18
3.Save The Children1:25
4.Taryn's Deepest Fear3:05
5.Deceptive Romance1:45
6.Snake Attack1:56
7.Magic Butterfly1:20
8.The Embrace0:42
9.Quiet Room / Wheelchair / Icy Bones2:41
10.Rumbling Room1:15
12.The Dream House1:50
13.Is Freddy Gone? / Trouble Starting / Prime Time TV / Icy Window4:32
14.Grave Walk1:11
15.Nursery Theme1:55
16.Lights Out1:00
# Track   Duration
1.Kristen's Haunted Dream3:44
2.Freddy's Back4:37
3.Kincaid Killed in Junkyard1:32
4.Joey's Wet Dream1:40
5.Drugged to Death3:18
6.Alice Lured Into Dream2:28
7.Rick's Kung-Fu Death3:15
8.Freddy's Pizza Restaurant1:58
9.Debbie Checks In / Time Circles4:24
10.Sheila Sucks Face2:51
11.Theater Madness1:38
12.Freddy's Calliope1:51
13.Alice Battles Freddy3:55
14.Corpus Krueger3:11
# Track   Duration
1.Prologue - Elm Street Kids0:47
2.Main Title3:22
3.It's A Boy0:59
4.Freddy Delivers1:18
5.Family Plot1:32
6.Yvonne Takes The Plunge0:54
7.Mr. Sandman Bring Me A Dream1:17
8.Don't Dream And Drive1:44
9.Like Father LIke Son2:02
10.Mark Visits Elm Street1:43
11.Hell On Wheels2:10
12.Another Brick In The Wall1:30
13.Stuffed / Choked (Gag Me With A Spoon)1:32
15.The Asylum1:13
16.There Was A Crooked Man1:51
17.Freddy's Stroller1:22
18.Super Freddy1:17
20.Freddy Cuts Up1:47
21.Mr. And Mrs. Jordan1:47
22.Party At Club Fred1:27
23.Amanda's Tune1:23
24.Jacob's Story1:00
25.Bewitched Bothered And Bewildered1:15
26.Don't Look Down0:46
27.St. Elm Street's Child1:59
28.Toys For Tots1:19
29.I've Got You Under My Skin0:54
30.Kicking And Screaming1:03
31.Womb With A V.U.1:52
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