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Rimba Racer Volume Two

GLUE Studios 11/19/2021 Download
TV Series/TV film Film release: 2017

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# Track   Duration
1.Rimba Racer Main Theme (Shaheir Jibin & Izzy Musa Remix Retrowave)1:14
2.Rimba Racer Main Theme (Shaheir Jibin & Izzy Musa Remix Retrowave Instrumental)1:14
3.Rimba Grand Prix Update (Izzy Musa)0:56
4.New Old Rookies (Izzy Musa)0:22
5.Pikes's Theme (Izzy Musa)0:27
6.Domino (Izzy Musa)3:16
7.Vyxx's Theme (Izzy Musa)0:30
8.The Lineup (Shaheir Jibin)0:44
9.Welcome To The Future (Izzy Musa)1:00
10.Vertigo (Shaheir Jibin & Izzy Musa)7:23
11.Silent Treatment (Izzy Musa)0:53
12.Ringmaster's Theme (Izzy Musa)0:55
13.Starstruck (Izzy Musa)0:20
14.Clock Tower (Izzy Musa)10:01
15.Moose Effect (Rimba Racer & Shaheir Jibin)0:30
16.Game Over (Shaheir Jibin)1:10
17.Collusion (Izzy Musa)2:16
18.Termite's Nest (Shaheir Jibin & Izzy Musa)6:24
19.Silver City (Shaheir Jibin)0:36
20.The Original Ripper (Shaheir Jibin)2:05
21.Smythe's Theme (Izzy Musa)2:58
22.14 Years Ago (Izzy Musa)1:35
23.A Lesson In History (Izzy Musa)2:15
24.Jump Jump Power Drink (Shaheir Jibin)0:34
25.Lightning Plains (Izzy Musa)5:23
26.Mezatali Ruins (Shaheir Jibin & Izzy Musa)5:14
27.Rungatunga Basin (Shaheir Jibin & Izzy Musa)4:14
28.Okadimian Badlands (Shaheir Jibin & Izzy Musa)5:20
29.Cobalt Caverns (Shaheir Jibin & Izzy Musa)4:46
30.Big Top (Shaheir Jibin & Izzy Musa)4:04
31.Charatine Wildwoods (Azri Yunus)7:19
32.Dawn Desert (Izzy Musa)0:31
33.Dawn Desert (Extended) (Izzy Musa)1:22
34.Rimba Racer Main Theme (Shaheir Jibin & Izzy Musa Remix Malay Retrowave)1:14
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