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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous


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# Track Artist/Composer Duration
1.Wrath of the Righteous Main ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev2:25
2.The Myth BeginsMikhail Kotov3:00
3.Lords of ChaosDmitry V. Silantyev1:52
4.Kenabres in FlamesDmitry V. Silantyev1:02
5.Crusaders' MarchDmitry V. Silantyev1:07
6.Leper's SmilePawel Perepelica1:53
7.Devoured by DarknessPawel Perepelica2:01
8.City to ReclaimDmitry V. Silantyev1:40
9.So Many Hopes to BurnDmitry V. Silantyev1:42
10.Searching for AnswersSergey Eybog1:51
11.Betrayer of HumanityDmitry V. Silantyev1:55
12.Templars of the Ivory LabyrinthDmitry V. Silantyev1:48
13.Heart of the Fallen LandDmitry V. Silantyev1:45
14.Cascade of FireDmitry V. Silantyev1:37
15.Know Thy EnemyDmitry V. Silantyev1:46
16.A Strike from the SkyDmitry V. Silantyev1:36
17.On the Cusp of the AbyssDmitry V. Silantyev1:49
18.Banner over the CitadelDmitry V. Silantyev4:33
19.Remnants of SarkorisDmitry V. Silantyev1:37
20.Demon's HeresyDmitry V. Silantyev1:31
21.Queen for a CenturyDmitry V. Silantyev1:34
22.Those Who Stand Against EvilDmitry V. Silantyev2:01
23.The Fifth CrusadeMikhail Kotov2:31
24.Commander's CitadelMikhail Kotov2:20
25.The Answer Is YoursMikhail Kotov1:51
26.Mythic PowerMikhail Kotov2:04
27.World Is BleedingDmitry V. Silantyev1:45
28.Into the WorldwoundDmitry V. Silantyev1:29
29.Enemy to Be Reckoned WithDmitry V. Silantyev1:41
30.Crusade Victory ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev1:34
31.Next-Door TheaterDmitry V. Silantyev1:30
32.TogetherMikhail Kotov2:09
33.Our Lady in ShadowSergey Eybog1:47
34.Demonic and DivineMikhail Kotov2:18
35.Where the Faithful Lose Their WayPawel Perepelica1:59
36.Ten Thousand DelightsPawel Perepelica2:06
37.Porphyry CityPawel Perepelica2:16
38.Ardent DreamsPawel Perepelica1:39
39.Crusader's MourningDmitry V. Silantyev1:55
40.Core of the RiddlePawel Perepelica2:02
41.Path to the EnigmaPawel Perepelica1:43
42.Midnight IslesDmitry V. Silantyev1:48
43.Rasping RiftsDmitry V. Silantyev1:45
44.Ivory LabyrinthDmitry V. Silantyev2:07
45.Champions of the AbyssDmitry V. Silantyev2:01
46.Corrupted Caves Battle ThemePawel Perepelica1:33
47.Greengates Battle ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev1:52
48.Corrupted Lands Battle ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev1:42
49.Gray Garrison Battle ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev2:10
50.Crusade Battle ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev1:51
51.Kenabres Battle ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev1:42
52.Lost Chapel Battle ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev1:40
53.Midnight Fane Battle ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev1:38
54.Worldwound Battle ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev1:55
55.Facing the Faceless SphinxPawel Perepelica2:09
56.Alushinyrra Battle ThemePawel Perepelica2:05
57.Abyss Battle ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev1:37
58.Colyphyr Battle ThemeDmitry V. Silantyev1:52
59.The Cosmic BalanceDmitry V. Silantyev2:13
60.Light of HeavenDmitry V. Silantyev1:59
61.Starward Gaze (Song of Elysium)Dmitry V. Silantyev1:58
62.Wisdom of MillenniaDmitry V. Silantyev2:05
63.Master of My Own FateDmitry V. Silantyev2:01
64.Laughing till the EndDmitry V. Silantyev1:58
65.Lord of the DeadDmitry V. Silantyev1:55
66.Succumbing to RageDmitry V. Silantyev2:02
67.Hell's AdvanceDmitry V. Silantyev2:09
68.The Hunger EternalDmitry V. Silantyev2:01
69.Face the AbyssDmitry V. Silantyev1:27
70.I PromiseDmitry V. Silantyev1:36
71.Ode to the Armored ArmadilloDryante2:12
72.Half MeasureDryante2:19
73.Defender's HeartDryante2:08
74.A Drink Before the BattlePawel Perepelica1:47
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