Doctor Zhivago
30th Anniversary Edition

Rhino Records (0008122719572)
Movie | Released: 1995 | Film release: 1965 | Format: CD

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# Track   Duration
2.Main Title2:40
3.Kontakion / Funeral Song3:16
4.Lara Is Charming1:14
5.The Internationale1:11
6.Lara And Komarovsky Dancing Up A Storm0:42
7.Komarovsky With Lara In The Hotel3:53
8.Interior Student Cafe1:36
9.Sventitsky's Waltz / After The Shooting2:17
10.Military Parade2:09
11.They Began To Go Home2:05
12.After Deserters Killed The Colonel1:04
13.At The Hospital0:58
14.Lara Says Goodbye To Yuri1:28
15.Tonya Greets Yuri0:44
16.The Stove's Out1:29
17.Yevgraf Snaps His Fingers3:10
18.Evening Bells - Moscow Station1:02
19.Flags Over The Train1:06
20.Yuri Gazing Through A Tiny Open Hatch0:36
21.The Door Is Banged Opened1:50
23.Yuri Follows The Sound Of The Waterfall0:42
24.Tonya And Yuri Arrive At Varykino2:53
25.They Didn't Lock The Cottage1:34
26.Varykino Cottage, Winter Snow0:56
27.Yuri And The Daffodils1:16
28.On A Yuriatin Street1:33
29.In Lara's Bedroom0:32
30.Yuri Rides To Yuriatin0:23
31.Yuri Is Taken Prisoner By The Red Partisans0:48
32.For As Long As We Need You0:41
33.Yuri Is Escaping2:19
34.Yuri Approaches Lara's Apartment0:49
35.Yuri Looks Into The Mirror0:31
36.Lara And Yuri Arriving At Varykino1:40
37.Yuri Is Trying To Write1:20
38.Yuri Frightens The Wolves Away, Part 10:48
39.Lara Reads Her Poem0:38
40.Yuri Frighten The Wolves Away, Part II1:54
41.Yuri Works On0:52
42.Then It's A Gift (End Title)1:46
43.Lara's Theme (Jazz Version)1:57
44.Lara's Theme (Rock 'n' Roll Version)2:39
45.Lara's Theme (Swing Version)1:15
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Golden Globes: Best Original Score (Winner)


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