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Piconjo: Teh 6aym

ZAM! Entertainment 06/04/2021 Download

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# Track   Duration
1.Tale of Pwnage1:16
2.Piconjo is Greater than j00 x2 (feat. Burn7 & Piconjo)1:15
3.Korded (feat. Larrynachos)3:37
4.LOLZ (feat. Connor Grail)3:19
5.Taking a Step Back (feat. RealMrSnuggles)1:42
6.Ughless Tankbag (feat. Carmet & MisterJames)4:33
7.You Will Not Be Missed2:00
8.Malum et Musa Sapientum Fixa (feat. Burn7)3:36
9.Regurgitated x2 (feat. Burn7, Connor Grail, MisterJames, RealMrSnuggles, Carmet, Quarl, Mig-Moog, Curruff, SKU!L & Larrynachos)5:13
10.A Legendary Lament2:46
11.Piconjo's Day Off2:54
12.A Legendary Lament (feat. Piconjo) (Vocal Version) (Vocal Version)2:46
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